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Amàrico, from the Latin - a ma ri ca re - ‘to donate a pleasing bitter taste’.

Born from the classic tradition of the Italian americano, Amàrico brings together ancient infusion methods and blending techniques to the modern world, where fun and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. Amàrico is a completely natural non-alcoholic product and creates the foundation of most aperitifs and digestive drinks through the infusion of flowers, cortex and roots being the key elements of the americano aperitifs.

Committed to environmentally sustainable sourcing, production and packaging, Amàrico uses 100% recyclable glass bottles, synthetic corks with 100% recyclable materials and FSC certified labels.

Taste the Italian dolce vita through the healthy experience that Amàrico offers.

Amàrico, non-alcoholic aperitif

A non-alcoholic drink full of complexity and vivacity, a unique aperitif easy to drink for any occasion.

Amàrico’s ingredients are carefully sourced and selected from within Italy for a truly authentic Italian aperitivo. Fresh Italian peaches are used as a base, then infused with flowers, fruits such as orange and rhubarb and roots including gentian to create a pleasing bitter taste. Aromatic and creamy with citrusy notes of bitter orange and lemon; a fresh & lively palate with a harmonious finish.

Perfect either on the rocks with lemon zest, chilled with your favourite soft drink or mixed in a cocktail.