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Based in Pesé, Panama, Ron Abuelo began life in 1908 as Don José Valera Blanco’s sugar mill — the very first in the newly–formed republic. By 1936, on the advice of his three sons, Don José pivoted the business and began to craft some of the world’s finest aged rums from his sugar cane juice, honey and molasses.

Ron Abuelo’s hacienda is at the heart of Pesé — whose landscape and natural resources creates unique rums. Its luscious, fertile landscape, layered with greenery and steeped in history produces 1,600 hectares of sugar cane each year. True to its heritage, the Ron Abuelo distillery continues to grow, harvest and ferment all the virgin sugar cane needed to produce its range of premium spirits, allowing control over the rum–making process from cane to case.

Tradition and the insights shared by previous generations are all–important to the brand. Never ones to stand still — the family continues to innovate and create with the dedication, patience and attention to detail that comes with true craftsmanship.

This third–generation family–owned distillery — now the leading producer of distilled spirits in Panama — has been inspiring generations ever since.

Añejo 5 Year

The perfect pour for cocktails and mixed drinks

A light rum in colour and flavour – this Reserva Especial has toasted, fruity notes with mild hints of banana, fresh herbs and an apricot aroma. The flavour profile includes wood and caramelised notes with a crisp, light, smoky finish.

Also available in 5cl miniatures bottles (50cl/144 bottles per case).

Añejo 7 Year

A superb rum for cocktails and sipping.

This reddish amber Reserva Superior is a rich blend of rums aged for seven years in carefully selected small oak barrels. Notes of dates, raisins and vanilla aroma. Light minerality in taste balanced with a note of fig and aftertaste of cinnamon and raw dried fruits.

Also available in 5cl miniatures bottles (50cl/144 bottles per case).

Añejo 12 Year

A refined premium rum for sipping

Aged first in white oak barrels hand‒selected by Ron Abuelo’s coopers, the alcoholic strength is then masterfully reduced in cask for a refined flavour with a distinctive depth. This profound and dark amber Gran Reserva boasts an aroma with notes of cocoa, dried prune, toasted wood and nuts. The taste? Well‒rounded and balanced with notes of vanilla, dried fruits, tobacco and orange peel.

Also available in 5cl miniatures (50cl/144 bottles per case).

Two Oaks 12 Year

An exquisite, sublimely smooth rum for sipping

A smooth, dark mahogany rum double matured in two distinctive oak barrels. First the rum is matured in oak bourbon casks, then finished in extra‒charred virgin American oak. An exquisite expression with notes of vanilla, coffee and hints of toasted almond. Then unveiling its woody flavour with unique smoky sweetness.

Finish Collection - Seleccion Especial

Three adventurous rums inspired by an adventurous Abuelo (grandfather). On the quest for exceptional and unique new flavours, Ron Abuelo ventured to Europe to find the perfect partners to innovate and experiment with.

Seeking out spirit houses steeped in history like its own, the very best of flavours of Spain, France and Portugal were captured and their sherry, cognac and tawny port casks brought back to Panama. Marrying these European casks with Ron Abuelo's refined rums has resulted is an extraordinary and exquisite curation with a Panamanian heart and a pioneering soul.

Available in single 700ml units and a 200ml Trio Gift Set.

15 Year Napoleon Cognac Cask Finish

A marriage of French and Panamanian traditions

Expertly finished in French Tronçais Cognac casks, this lavish spirit boasts elegant notes of prunes, raisins, cocoa and toasted wood.

15 Year Tawny Port Cask Finish

An epicurean adventure to Portugal

It's the Tawny Port casks that this 15 year old rum is finished in that lend it its aroma of red fruits, mature wild fruits and cherries. A dense and opulent flavour with notes of ripe fig with a wooden finish.

15 Year Oloroso Cask Finish

A journey of discovery from Panama to Spain

Deep amber in colour and boasts a strong but refined aroma of humid wood, citric shades and a very unique nose complexity. That's down to the Oloroso sherry casks used to round out its maturing process. Expect delightful mineral dryness and dramatic citrus notes.