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When Mr Lyan (the world's most awarded bartender) crossed paths with J.J. Corry (the renowned Irish Whiskey Bonders), Fierfield was born. A modern interpretation of the Irish farming tradition of blending spirit with local flora and fauna, our Botanical Irish Whiskeys are crafted in partnership with rural producers from across Ireland. Our name reflects our story, with Ryan and Louise chancing upon the word Fier while delving into local history. An old Celtic term for companion, it perfectly summed up their friendship as well as their collaborations with rural producers.


Fierfield is a modern interpretation of the Irish farming tradition of blending spirit with local flora and fauna. Back then, each farm would distill its own whiskey, adding in an array of foraged herbs or home-made honeys for a uniquely local flavour. Our blends pay homage to this beautiful tradition, sourcing all our own ingredients from the Irish landscape. From locally made butter and bread from a historic bakery to raw honey from nearby hives, our blends of Birch and Barberry revive this beautiful tradition in a purposeful way. Just like the blends of old, our drinks are designed to bring people together. Enjoyed straight or mixed, long, or short, in summer or winter, they bring depth, excitement and flavour to every occasion - a true conversation starter.

Fierfield Birch

Birch reflects the golden warmth of summer, where light jasmine and fresh apricot notes collide with spicy brioche for an aged champagne-style profile. Try lengthening with chilled soda water, and adding a herbal sprig of thyme. Bottled at 42% ABV.

Fierfield Barberry

Barberry has a rich, autumnal nature, finding hazelnut and damson depth and delivering the herbal citrus feel of a port and blood orange blend. Try in a whiskey sour, shaken with lemon, frothy egg white served with a twist. Bottled at 42% ABV.