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KAKUZO, MADE BY TEA: An innovative new vodka, inspired by Eastern philosophy.

In 1906, Okakura Kakuzo wrote an English-language essay explaining the philosophy and cultural significance of tea in Japan. The Way of Tea, he said, was a route to purity and harmony.

KAKUZO is an evolution in spirits - achieving a level of subtlety and sophistication of flavour not tasted before in flavoured vodkas. This tea infusion has nuanced notes of malty sweetness, botanical bitterness and citrus sharpness.

The search for balance between yin and yang, so important in the tea ceremony, is expressed in the creation of KAKUZO. The measuring of three different tea varieties (from Japan, China and India) for the blend; the perfect duration of the infusion (too short and the flavour would not be bold enough, too long and it would be bitter and tannic); the relationship between the fragrant flavours of tea and the purity of premium vodka.

KAKUZO can be served heated like a sake, long with bitter lemon or in cocktails, where the complexity of its flavour profile can be explored. As Okakura Kakuzo himself said: "Perfection is everywhere if we only choose to recognise it."

Earl Grey Tea Vodka

This perfectly balanced spirit is created by steeping a specially selected blend of tea in smooth triple-distilled rye vodka. The recipe is a combination of tea leaves from across Asia - fresh, aromatic, green Sencha from Japan; smoky, fruity, black Keemun from China; and malty, honeyed Assam from India - combined with natural bergamot and other citrus oils. In keeping with the elegant precision of a Japanese tea ceremony, the time and temperature of infusion is calibrated to produce a drink with remarkably complex but harmonious flavours.

Yuzu Gin Liqueur


The exquisitely elegant Yuzu meets Mandarin. Together, they form the base of our uniquely fresh Gin Liqueur: a complex union of delicate acidity, gentle sweetness and a touch of bitterness.


Carefully selected botanicals are distilled with the utmost care in one of the oldest distilleries in the country. This creates the unique taste of Kakuzo. His Far Eastern temperament unfolds best on ice, as a neat serve or in the company of Tonic Water.

Cherry Bitter


Delicious cherries, aromatic gentian and tart grapefruit form the base of our distinctive Bitter: a fruit tinged masterpiece, the smooth notes of cherry are perfectly balanced by the warming touch of gentian.


Expertly filtered, triple-distilled and undoubtedly soft - this is the unique character of Kakuzo. Our Cherry Bitter unfolds its sophisticated flavour best over ice, as a Negroni or as the base for innovative cocktail creations.