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Procera is a luxury spirits brand from Africa that combines the quality and diversity of the continent's botanicals with a small-batch distilling mentality to create elegant and innovative spirits of excellence. Category defining sustainability is at the heart of the Procera approach, believing that creating unparalleled flavour starts by nourishing local lands and their people. Only by starting with the botanicals, the lands and their caretakers, can consistent luxury quality be guaranteed for generations to come.

Procera Gin was founded with a dream to bring the very best of Africa to the world. Their gins are proudly distilled in Nairobi, Kenya and are the world's first gins to use Juniperus Procera which is harvested just 70 kilometres from the distillery. Procera captures the terroir of our continent in every sip.

Highly respected Master Distiller, Roger Jorgensen, has innovated on the age-old gin distillation process by using fresh, never dried African juniper berries and employing his revolutionary self-taught technique which preserve a depth of flavour and bright fresh intensity of Juniperus Procera and other botanicals.

From Procera's innovative, zero waste distillation system which conserves local water, to their recycled glass bottle to the reforestation program for the Kenyan highlands with 10,000 Procera trees planted to date, every decision at Procera begins and ends with an evaluation of its impact and sustainability which they inherently believe results in the superior quality of their final product.

Blue Dot

Procera Blue Dot is an elegant and refined sipping and Martini gin with an extraordinary depth of flavour, length of finish and breadth of complexity on the palate. Pioneers of using high-altitude African Juniperus Procera berries, which are distilled fresh and never dried, Blue Dot is an elegant gin with a nutty, bright flavour profile truly representative of its African sun-kissed terroir and birthplace.

Celebrating Africa's bounty, 11 botanicals from across the plains of Morocco in the north-west to the Indian Ocean islands of the south-east compliment the backbone of Juniperus Procera. The unique small-batch distilling process results in a fresh, savoury and expressive gin reminiscent of the continent where it was born.

Procera comes in an unforgettable hand-blown bottle, crafted by the incredible team at Kitengela Hot Glass, while the striking palm wood stopper is hand carved by more of Kenya's finest artisans. The bottle's beauty lies in its simplicity: one piece of glass, one piece of wood, and one piece of leather, with no label to hide the artistry only time and passion can produce.

Green Dot 2023 Vintage

Procera Green Dot is the most terroir-driven expression within our range. Representing the absolute personification of what is so special about the Juniperus Procera tree, each vintage release of this tiny production gin is completely unique. The 2023 vintage marks only the third Green Dot release and for the first time uses only juniper berries, juniper wood and juniper tree foliage from a majestic single tree located in the high altitude area of Narok. Green Dot 2023 works wonderfully as a martini base, but is hugely versatile when it comes to other classic gin serves, owed to its incredible depth of flavour and intensity.

Only 2,203 bottles of this exceptional gin were produced.

Red Dot 2022 Vintage (Sold Out)

Procera Red Dot 2022 is a limited edition, powerful and bold gin designed to be used in classic drinks such as the Negroni. A balanced and structured Gin expressive of both a superior juniper harvest and an increased proportion of our five African pepper botanicals creates complex umami depth. No two years of this small production gin will be the same, creating vintages reflective of their harvest.

Possessing a distinct spiciness and a complex umami depth, Procera Red Dot is a powerful and bold gin designed to be used in classic drinks such as the Negroni, Red Snapper and Martinez.