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AKER. The Uniquely English Aperitif.

The English countryside has always had the power to challenge, stimulate and excite. And we're no different. Our name is a tribute to those rolling acres. Born to respect the past and inspire the future, we believe in the value of individual character. A uniqueness that can't be borrowed or imitated.

Created in collaboration with England's leading wine producer, Chapel Down, and non-conformist spirits distiller, Capreolus Distillery, AKER champions and celebrates all the land has to offer, distilling acres of English countryside into a single drop.

An exquisite mix of summer fruits perfectly balanced with wild botanicals; AKER English Aperitif is the ideal accompaniment for the big and the small moments (and everything in between).

AKER English Rosé

Made using Pinot Noir rosé wine from one of Chapel Down’s finest vineyards in the heart of Kent and wild fermented eau de vie made with raspberries fresh from the Cotswolds, AKER prides itself on bringing out the true character of its finest English ingredients.

An infusion of blossoms, roots and spices are balanced with wormwood before, lastly, distilled Chapel Down Chardonnay grape skin distillate is added to enhance the flavour even further.

AKER English Rosé blends the indulgent aroma of strawberries and cream with refreshing citrus tones to create the perfect aperitif - the ideal accompaniment for warm, lazy afternoons and long evenings shared with the ones you love.

AKER English Dry

Bursting with the naturally fragrant aroma of English pears and elderflower, AKER Dry begins with award‒winning English Bacchus wine from Chapel Down which is fresh and aromatic, perfectly complimenting the dry finish of this aperitif.

A carefully selected mix of botanicals enhance the character of the wine to add to the surprising floral aroma. English grown Doyenné du Comice pear, meticulously distilled by Capreolous, adds to the full spectrum of flavours from this delicate fruit.

Evoking a sunny English orchard with luscious green apple, sweet pear and surprising tropical notes. Combining beautifully with a citrus zing and delicate dry finish.