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While travelling the world, BIRDS came up with the idea to create their own Premium Gin with the goal to combine German craftsmanship with the best ingredients from all over the world. Not only does BIRDS stand for a great Gin, but also for the community behind it, who share their love for travelling, adventures and enjoyment, and have the constant goal of broadening their horizons.

Our spirits contain the finest ingredients from all over the world - 15 handpicked botanicals from 5 continents. The composition of the main ingredients, which include juniper berries, Mediterranean basil, fresh citrus fruits, ginger and berries, makes our Gin a unique tasting experience.

Only 700 hand-numbered bottles are produced per batch. The small batches are handmade in Germany in the traditional Copper Pot Still. Since only the best natural ingredients are used, each batch is unique and therefore limited to 700 pieces.

BIRDS have extended their range with their Distillers Cut release; BIRDS Botanical Spirit. Like Gin, just with no juniper, an emerging category for palates looking to explore the next stage after Gin.

Each year BIRDS choose an international humanitarian project to support and give back to the people who have helped to carve their story.


BIRDS Dry Gin is a fresh, handmade Gin with 15 botanicals from 5 continents; including full-bodied juniper, Mediterranean basil and citrus nuances, perfectly finished with vibrant ginger and fruity berries. Limited to 700 bottles per batch, this handcrafted Gin is perfect for sundowners, such as a classic Gin and Tonic, garnished with basil!

BIRDS Botanical Spirit

BIRDS Botanical Spirit is the alternative spirit for people with an open palate, who are looking for a unique adventure in their glass.

We start with a Riesling wine from Manuel Brixius, who is a 7th generation winemaker. Each bottle is distilled from 5 litres of fruity Riesling and is macerated for four days with 12 handpicked organic botanicals to create that distinct and exotic flavour. Juniper, the main ingredient in gin, is left out on purpose. We then hand-bottle 700 bottles per batch, from our distillery in Hamburg.


- EUROPE ... blackcurrant, apple, orange peel
- AFRICA ... voatsiperifery pepper, clove
- AMERICA ... cocoa shell, angelica, pink pepper
- ASIA ... star anise, liquorice
- AUSTRALIA ... mace, eucalyptus

The result is a unique spirit, that breaks boundaries and does not let itself be categorised. Taste the Journey, taste the Adventure!