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As Scotland's Oldest Working Distillery, The Glenturret brings together the hard-won wisdom of generations of distillers with the imagination of contemporary masters to craft moments to treasure in spirit and glass.

Originally owned by Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, The Glenturret Distillery is mentioned in the purchase records of the Barony of Ochtertyre as far back as 1763. Today, the distillery still sits proudly in its original location on the edge of the historic town of Crieff. Known locally as 'The Hosh' - it is a picturesque and secluded setting that has long provided a home for distillers, both legal and illicit.

Their three touchstones, which they fondly call The Trinity underpin everything they do, and together, shape the character of our spirit. The Trinity combines their extraordinary Provenance of people, place and spirit with their traditional Prowess in handcrafted whisky making and an enduring Passion to bring whisky lovers moments to treasure in spirit and glass.

In September 2020, after more than 250 years of distilling, The Glenturret embarks on the next stage of its journey - bringing its exclusive single malt to whisky lovers worldwide. Together with their new owners The Lalique Group, a French luxury lifestyle company, and a completely new range crafted by the highly respected Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, this is an era-defining moment that unites Glenturret's contemporary elegance with the distillery's long-standing reputation for traditional craftsmanship.

Triple Wood

An Introduction to Our World

Triple Wood is a continuation of Glenturret's history, part of the old range and reborn in the new. A thoughtful combination of European and American Sherry Oak casks alongside Bourbon barrels gives a light and subtle whisky showcasing the sweet, fruity style of their new make spirit. The three cask types have carefully nurtured the spirit, adding a depth of character and a rich, golden colour.

10 Year Old Peat Smoked

Respect for The Past

Peat smoke has long drifted through Glenturret's history with records from the early 1800s showing peat dug from Octhertye Estate. Being in the rare position of producing peated and non-peated spirit at different times of the year from the same small stills, has allowed them to craft this mellow, sweet, smoky 10 year old single malt that shows its character off to the full at a strength of 50%.

12 Year Old

The Heart of Our Range

'By Hand and Heart' is the ethos of Glenturret and their 12 years old is a tribute to that. Like the many pairs of hands who have touched the life of the spirit, these European Oak casks quietly and slowly add their distinctive character to the whisky that matures within. Never overpowering, but enhancing and developing to give a rich, layered complexity of flavour and a deep russet colour.

15 Year Old

The Mastery of Wood

Much is said about the importance of first fill sherry oak but much less about the casks that hold their second fill of spirit. Glenturret's 15 years old is driven by refill wood where the oak notes step back and allow the original character of the spirit to sing with delicate notes of citrus fruit and vanilla. This single malt is created with the honesty to allow the spirit to tell its story.

25 Year Old

A Tribute to Patience and Skill

This subtly sophisticated 25 years old single malt is all about patience and skill. The Stillman mindfully tending the spirit safe; always respectful of our tradition for slow distillation. The Whisky Maker's wisdom waiting for the influences of ageing and the cask to come together. The result is a beautifully elegant whisky where the distillery's characteristic delicate, fruity new make spirit is balanced with a complex fusion of flavours delivered only by time.

30 Year Old

Raising a glass to our long and distinguished history

This beautifully complex 30 year old single malt is a tale of two worlds, with respect for the past and a passion for the future. In 2019, when the distillery met its new owners, some of their precious 30 years old spirit was taken and filled into new, specially selected European Oak sherry casks where it continued its maturation for a further year. It was then carefully blended with spirit that had slumbered for all three decades in the original wood. New ownership, new Whisky Maker, new wood, 30 years old casks and aged spirit all combine to create this luxuriant single malt.