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Mezcal Amores is an artisanal spirit, batch-produced using traditional, sustainable techniques.

For each Mezcal Amores batch, the team selects the most interesting terroir, the ideal varietal of agave and the most skilled master distiller to work with. However, all Mezcal Amores expressions have a philosophy in common - 100% natural, organic and sustainable processes, including milling with a tahona stone turned by a mule, and natural fermentation in open wooden vats.

The brand dedicates 15% of its net profits to ecological and social sustainability programmes. They also replant 10 agaves for every plant they harvest, as well as establishing a nursery to propagate heritage agave varietals and maintain biodiversity. Mezcal Amores - a project made with love.

Espadín and Cupreata

Espadín and Cupreata are two single-varietal mezcals reflecting their terroir - 100% Espadín (Angustifolia) agave from Oaxaca State, grown 7 to 10 years; and 100% Cupreata (Papalote) agave, grown for between 8 to 13 years, from Guerrero State. Each batch of Mezcal Amores is subtly different, reflecting the essence and character of the village where the expression is created, as well as the individuality and experience of the maestro mezcalero.

Organically grown agave is carefully selected and harvested by hand at the perfect time, before cooking with oak chips for a subtle smokiness. It is milled gently by a mule-pulled stone wheel (tahona) and naturally fermented in open wooden vats. Finally the maestro mezcalero personally controls double distillation in a copper still to produce the perfectly balanced spirit.