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We are BIRDS. We are German globetrotters creating extra tasty wines and a unique wine-based craft spirit, inspired by our adventures around the world.

We think there are enough Gin brands on the market, so we decided to create BIRDS - a unique craft spirit distilled from German Riesling wine and refined with 12 handpicked ingredients from five continents.

We combine German traditional winery craftsmanship with the character from around the world. An unconventional brand for modern connoisseurs, trendsetters, adventurers and just free people who love to discover the very special things in life!


We start with a Riesling wine from Manuel Brixius, who is a 7th generation winemaker. Each bottle is distilled from 5 litres of fruity Riesling and is macerated for four days with 12 handpicked organic botanicals to create that distinct and exotic flavour. We hand-bottle 700 bottles per batch, from our distillery in Hamburg.


- EUROPE ... blackcurrant, apple, orange peel
- AFRICA ... voatsiperifery pepper, clove
- AMERICA ... cocoa shell, angelica, pink pepper
- ASIA ... star anise, liquorice
- AUSTRALIA ... mace, eucalyptus

BIRDS Riesling Original

Together with our friend and winemaker Manuel Brixius, we created the BIRDS wine family. There are four wines in the series and it is this fresh and fruity Riesling wine which later forms the base of BIRDS. The BIRDS Riesling Original has a refreshing and fruity aroma, with a full-bodied finish. The steep slopes and minerality of the land around the Mosel river, makes it a tasty all-rounder among the Premium white wines.


THE WOLF combines finest sweet wines from the Palatinate (Western Germany) with locally grown fruits: raspberry & plum. THE WOLF is limited edition of 200 hand-engraved bottles per batch, aged for two years with complex fruity tones. A digestive of the finest quality.