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Mondino is the Amaro Bavarese. Upon completion of his apprenticeship south of the Alps, Master Distiller Hans brought the recipe home to Bavaria, where he perfected it by incorporating aromatic herbs from the region. The old family recipe was brought to life again by his grandson Max together with his childhood friends Ferdinand, Florian, and Benedikt; using the traditional recipe they provided a modern twist and so created an extraordinarily upscale aperitif: purely organic, refined with regional ingredients and low in sugar.


The 100% organic Amaro is handcrafted in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps using an original Italian recipe, Mondino unites Italy's joie de vivre with the precision of Bavarian craftsmanship.

Organic arancia amara, organic rhubarb and organic yellow gentian, along with other fresh locally sourced ingredients, give Mondino its unique flavour.

Serve ~ Riviera Spritz; Equal parts Mondino and Belsazar White Vermouth, top up with tonic water and garnish with a sprig of Rosemary. There is always time for a little Dolce Vita.